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SHP to DXF / SHP to DWG Converter - Arcv2CAD

Best software to convert Shapefile to DWG / Shapefile to DXF

guthrie Arcv2CAD 7.0

ESRI Shapefile (.shp) to AutoCADĀ® DWG/ DXF converter with many useful conversion functions that other converter software doesn't have. Arcv2CAD makes your conversion tasks so much easier! Watch this short video clip to find out how easy and quick Arcv2CAD can convert ESRI Shapefile to DWG / DXF!

New release - Arcv2CAD 7.0

Support all AutoCAD versions up to AutoCAD 2016

Arcv2CAD 7.0
converts ESRI shapefiles (ArcView, ArcGIS, ArcMap etc.) to AutoCAD DXF and DWG formats, such as Shapefile to DWG and Shapefile to DXF. This allows shapefiles to be read by virtually all CAD software, for example AutoCAD, MicroStation, CivilCAD, DesignCAD, SolidWorks, as well as numerous other Mapping and Graphics software, eg CorelDraw, Surfer, World Construction Set.


shapefile to dxf / shapefile to dwg converter - Arcv2CAD Download
Free trial - Download!

(see also the reverse converter CAD2Shape -Best DWG to SHP/ DXF to SHP converter)


Apply Colors corresponding to selected Feature Attributes.
Output entities onto Layers corresponding to Feature Attributes.
Color fill Polygons - correctly handles holes.
Produce Text Labels from Features data. Powerful built in Auto-Label function.
Transfer table data via DXF/DWG ATTRIB or Extended Data (XData) definitions.
Output Elevation data as real 3D Z coordinates.
Command line mode for batch operation.
Standalone converter for Shapefile to DXF / Shapefile to DWG , does not require ArcView, ArcGIS, ArcMap, etc.
Output of a Legend
Translate to all of AutoCAD DXF and DWG versions up to the latest 2016. New
SHP to DXF SHP to DWG Converter - Arcv2CAD reddot Support for all 3D shapefile types (PointZ, PolylineZ, PolyGonZ, MultiPatch, etc)
Data source may be CSV or DBF (i.e. no shapefile, simply a points database)
Optionally output to CSV
Properties control for attributes (ATTRIBs), i.e. size, position, color, etc.
Named Marker Blocks more...
Extrude 2D Polygon shapes to 3D Objects. Picture
Online context sensitive help
Fully handles the latest 3D shapefiles.
Compatible with all ArcGIS / ArcMap/ ArcView / ... products (all versions.) 
Support direct access to shapefiles in ESRI Personal Geodatabase (.mdb) files. New

New in Version 7.0:

Output all DXF and DWG formats up to AutoCAD 2016
Support direct access to shapefiles in ESRI Personal Geodatabase (.mdb) files.

New in Version 6.0:

Output AutoCAD 2010, 2011, 2012, DXF and DWG formats
Larger + expandable main dialog
Combine/Append DXF/DWG files to a single file

New in Version 5.0:

Output AutoCAD 2007, 2008, 2009 DXF and DWG formats
Output Colors and Layers using BYBLOCK and BYLAYER

New in Version 4.0:

Output AutoCAD 2004/2005/2006 DXF and DWG formats
Output Surfer Blanking files, and XYZ text format files.
Info_shapefile, and Info_dbf_field functions for Arcv2CAD DLL
Additional marker types
Output separate _INFO blocks
Output text by itself
Specify a rectangular region to translate
Numerous minor enhancements to all operations
Improved handling of very large shapefiles - more memory efficient

Arcv2CAD gives you plenty of options, plus it's quick, easy to use, and will give you the results you want!

OS: Win 2003/2008/2012/Citrix/XP/XP64/Vista/Vist64/Win7/win7x64/Win8//Win8x64/Win10

Check it out for yourself! SHP to DWG / SHP to DXF Converter download Download a trial version.

Application developers!

Best software to convert Shapefile to DWG / Shapefile to DXF, Arcv2CAD DLL is available.

Developer Component Arcv2CAD DLL here.

With our CAD Viewer 2016, you can view Shapefile and AutoCAD file, which is handy to compare before and after conversion files. Click here for CAD Viewer 2016 - AutoCAD Viewer. Free Trial Download is available!

Alternate name: Shape2CAD

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