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guthrie Hpgl2CAD 4.0  

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The evaluations version of HGL2CAD is enabled for 15 days and for 20 translations with no file size limit.

OS: Win 2003/2008/2012/Citrix/XP/XP64/Vista/Vist64/Win7/win7x64/Win8/Win8x64/Win10

15 day trial allows 10 translations with no file size limit.

4.0 A.19
11.0 MB, Updated Dec 5, 2014

(Note: The trial version is converted to the full version once the software is registered.)

Download also includes HPGL2CAD DLL trial software.
Use the password 'DEMO' to trial the DLL for small test files < 100k.

** Important Note to Vista Users: **
If the trial version displays a message 'Trial Version has expired' the very first time that the software is run, then re-run the software one time as Administrator. To do this, right click on the HPGL2CAD 4.0 desktop icon and select 'Run as Administrator'.

Note to Registered Users:
If you are a registered user of HPGL2CAD, simply download the latest version and install over the top of your existing software.

A Developer License is now available. Click here for details: HPGL2CAD DLL
A trial of the Developer DLL is included in the download above.

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