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guthrie Arcv2CAD 7.0  

AutoCAD® releases 14 to 2009

Advantages for handling of shapefiles data
Arcv2CAD 7.0 supports all AutoCAD version output formats from AutoCAD version 11 up to AutoCAD 2009.

AutoCAD Rel 14 Benefits

Arcv2CAD takes advantage of 2 new entity types which were introduced into the DXF format as of AutoCAD Release 14. 
They are:

(1) Boundary Hatch (BHATCH) entities.
Boundary Hatch entities are a more natural counterpart to Polygon shapes than anything previously available in the DXF format. This allows translation of shapefile Polygons to either a Solid Fill or other Predefined AutoCAD Hatch Patterns. In AutoCAD, Boundary Hatch entities are also fully associative, meaning that the Solid Fill or Hatch Patterns do not need to be redone every time you make a change to the outline with which it is associated. 

Because Arcv2CAD does not have to triangulate Polygons in order to produce a Solid Fill, as in prior versions of DXF, translation is faster (200% +), and the output DXF/DWG files are smaller (about half the size of a translation using previous formats.)

(2) Lightweight Polyline (LWPOLYLINE) entities.
Lightweight Polyline entities provide a more compact form of transferring Polylines via DXF. The resultant DXF or DWG file will be about half the size of a translation using previous formats.

AutoCAD 2000 - 2009 Benefits

(1) Same as Release 14
(2) Layer names and Block names may contain spaces and be up to 256 characters in length

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