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List of amazing features

Support All AutoCAD versions up to 2017

Convert DWF versions (4.2, 5.5, 6.0) to PDF.

individual or combined PDF conversion

AutoCAD Drawings may be saved as individual PDFs, or output as a single combined PDF 'book'.

Accurate PDF conversion

Thanks to its high DPI resolution, 2400DPI, CAD Viewer gives more detail in the conversion output.

Email PDF immediately

You can attach the saved PDF to a new email ready to send.

OS: Win 2003/2008/2012/Citrix/XP/XP64/Vista/Vist64/Win7/win7x64/Win8/Win8x64/Win10

You can find further details of AutoCAD to PDF conversion features from here.

Video Clip:
Convert ing DWF to PDF
on CAD Viewer [0:42]

CAD Viewer is a quick and accurate DWF to PDF converter.

You can adjust output PDF file like conversion area, background color and line thickness during the conversion process.

Watch this short video clip to find out how fast and easy dwgConvert converts DWF to PDF!

DWF to PDF Converting guide
[repeating 13 seconds video clip]

Quick Guide:
how to convert DWF to PDF on CAD Viewer

  • STEP 1. Open a DWF file you want to convert to PDF.

  • STEP 2. Select "SAVE as a PDF" from File Menu.

  • STEP 3. Input a file name and Press OK button.

  • STEP 4. Select "PDF-X Change 3.0" and press OK button.

  • STEP 5. Press OK button. Then a new PDF file will be generated and displayed on PDF viewer.

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for 21 days

The evaluation version of CAD Viewer is enabled for 21 days.

Standard License


per user

Buy a standard license. Prices starts from US$89. You can see details of the price structure from here.

Network License


per number of concurrent user

Buy a network license. Prices starts from US$360. You can see details of the price structure from here.

CAD Batch Commnad

CAD Batch Command is an extension of CAD Viewer to do DWF to PDF batch conversion.

Batch conversion of AutoCAD drawing such as DWF to PDF by command line operation.

Click the below button to view details of CAD Batch command.

CAD Batch Command for AutoCAD to PDF conversion

CAD Batch Command converts AutoCAD drawing to PDF from the command line "/pdf[n]".

The default operation is:
- save the PDF document using the base pathname of the source drawing.
- if an existing PDF document with the same name exists overwrite the existing PDF
- do not open the resultant PDF in the default PDF application.
- suppress the PDF-XChange progress bar

The 'n' flags value is used to modify the default operation, where 'n' is the addition of the following values:
1 = show the PDF-XChange progress bar
2 = ask user for an output file name
4 = ask user to confirm overwrite of an existing PDF with the same name
64 = open the resultant PDF in the default PDF application

Example 1:
Convert the sample austates.dwf drawing to a PDF document, showing the PDF-XChange progress bar, and ask user to confirm overwrite if austates.pdf already exists.

c:\cadbatch2016\cb2016.exe /pdf5 c:\cadbatch2016\austates.dwf

Example 2:
Batch convert all DWF files in the folder c:\drawings to PDF files. (The resultant PDF files are saved to the folder c:\drawings.)

c:\cadbatch2016\cb2016.exe /pdf c:\drawings\*.dwf

Example 3:
Batch convert all DWF files in the folder c:\drawings to PDF files, and save the PDFs to the folder c:\pdfs

c:\cadbatch2016\cb2016.exe /pdf c:\drawings\*.dwf /OUT=c:\pdfs