Complete guide: How to export and import QA-CAD table definition file

Step 1: Select QA in the menu bar and click QA settings.

Step 2: A QA Settings window opens. Click * button
(you can find the * button in the red rectangle in the below example image ).

Step 3: Then a Define Attributes Table window opens. Click Export button.

Step 4: A Save As window opens. Type a new Attributes Table file name and press Save button (Attributes Table file extension is ".inix". You just saved a current QA-CAD configuration into the new Attributes Table file).

Step 5: When you want to restore a previous QA CAD configuration, you need to import the Attributes Table file which you have saved before. Open a Define Attributes Table window and click Import button.

Step 6: A Open window opens. Select an Attributes Table file that you would like to restore and Press OK button. Then QA-CAD software restores a QA-CAD configuration that has saved in the Attributes Table file.