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product overview

List of amazing features

Support All AutoCAD versions up to 2021

View and print all AutoCAD DXF and DWG versions 2.5 to 2021 (DWF versions 4.2, 5.5, 6.0).

Intuitive User Interface

Anyone can use it.

Save to PDF

You can save all DXF / DWF files to PDF.

Perform to view multiple AutoCAD files

Browser style Forward/Back buttons allow multiple (up to 1000) drawings to be loaded simultaneously.

OS: Win 2008/2012/Citrix/Win7/win7x64/Win8/Win8x64/Win10

You can find other amazing features of our DWF / DXF Viewer from here.

Video Clip:
Fast and easy DWF / DXF viewer

CAD Viewer is a quick and accurate DWF and DXF viewer.

So easy to open and view DWF file and DXF file

Watch this short video clip to find out how fast and easy you can view DWF and DXF on CAD Viewer!

DWF viewer | DXF viewer Step guide
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Quick Guide:
how to open and view
DWF and DXF files on CAD Viewer

  • STEP 1. Open file folder.
  • STEP 2. Select to view a DXF file or DWF file.
  • STEP 3. Press Open button.
  • Then the selected DXF or DWF file will be displayed on CAD viewer.

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DWF Viewer / DXF Viewer now!

Pricings & Plans



for 21 days

The evaluation version of CAD Viewer is enabled for 21 days.


Standard License


per user

Buy a standard license. Prices starts from US$89. You can see details of the price structure from here.


Network License


per number of concurrent user

Buy a network license. Prices starts from US$360. You can see details of the price structure from here.


Other tips to view DXF file and DWF file

Open a Drawing file by locating the file using the usual Windows Browse dialog.
Files can be opened on your local hard drive, floppy diskette, CD, or local network.
Files accessed via the Internet will be loaded automatically by your web browser (as long as the software has been configured for the respective file type.)

Tip: Multiple Files Selection via File Open
You can load multiple files in one go by highlighting all the files you want to view and then clicking 'Open'.

To select a range of files:
Click on the first file, press the 'Shift' key and click the end file of the range.

To select or unselect individual files:
Hold down the 'Control' (Ctrl) key while clicking on the file. Click the below button to view details of our DXF/ DWF Viewer.

view details

Viewer other tips

DXF External References - Xrefs

CAD Viewer 2020 supports DXF external reference entities, known as Xrefs. An Xref is a drawing external to the current drawing which is referred to or is inserted into the current drawing.
An Xref will always be a reference to an external .DWG file.
It may have a fully specified path, for example 'D:\TITLEBLOCKS\A1.DWG', or there may be no path, for example 'A1.DWG'.
The software searches for Xrefs in the following order:
- the fully specified path
- the same folder as the parent DXF file
- the list of Search Paths as specified in the CAD Viewer DXFXREFS.INI file.

If not found in any of the above locations the software asks if you want to ignore the Xref or locate it using File Browse. If you locate the Xref using Browse then you will further be asked if you want to add the folder in which the Xref was located, to the software's Xrefs Search Paths list. The Xrefs Search Paths list is stored in the DXFXREFS.INI file in the [SearchPaths] Section.

Xrefs are typically Title Blocks or drawing objects whose specification is fairly static. For this reason the software gives the option to cache these drawings for faster access. After a time there may be a build up of the cached Xrefs. If you want to clean out the Xrefs folder click the 'Clear Xrefs Cache' in the Preferences dialog.