Easy 3 steps to convert DWG to CSV (DXF to CSV or DWG to TXT/XYZ etc.):

Step 1: Click Settings button and select CSV as output format. Then click CSV settings button.

DWG to CSV/TXT Converter -file selection

Step 2: CSV Output Format window opens. Select .CSV as file extension and press OK button (Alternatively you can select .TXT or .XYZ here). Then press OK button again.

Select CSV as output option

Step 3: Select an input DWG/ DXF file. Press Save button. Once the translation ends, you can see "successful conversion" message on the software.

Press convert button

DXF2XYZ history:

Added in DXF2XYZ Version 2.0 A.20:

 • Text Output
 • Fixed - LWPOLYLINE entity name being output as blank
 • Fixed - Correct Layer not being identified as on/off
 • Fixed - Layers exceeding 500 would cause the software to crash

Added in Version 2.0 A.02:

 • DWG input
 • Surfer Blanking files (.BLN) output

Added in Version 1.3 A.05:

 • Region filter

Added in Version 1.3:

 • Entity Header Option

Added in Version 1.2:

 • Extra output format options:
 • (1) ID, X,Y(,Z)
 • (2) {0,1}, X,Y(,Z) where 0 = Move, 1 = Draw
 • Merge contiguous line segments