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Dxf2xyz 2.0


Free CAD2GIS Utility

DXF2XYZ 2.0 converts a DXF file to an XYZ file, ie a comma delimited text file containing just xyz coordinates.  It can be useful for extracting the raw XYZ 
coordinates from a DXF file containing say contours or other elevation entities.

DXF to XYZ graphic
(1) This utility it limited to extracting the XYZ coordinates from the following DXF entity types:
(2) AutoCAD® versions up to 2002 supported only.


Download - DXF2XYZ 2.0

0.75MB - Win95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP
Updated 4 October 2005 (v 2.0 A.20)

Alternate product
CAD2Shape 7.0 - Supports both XYZ and BLN (Surfer Blanking format) as output formats. (Select the desired XYZ or BLN output mode in CAD2Shape 'Settings'). CAD2Shape translates all CAD entity types, and also supports all AutoCAD DXF and DWG versions up to AutoCAD 2017. Find our more about CAD2Shape here, and follow links to a free trial download.

Dxf2xyz history:
Added in Dxf2xyz Version 2.0 A.20

Text Output
entity name being output as blank
Fixed - Correct Layer not being identified as on/off
Fixed - Layers exceeding 500 would cause the software to crash

Added in Version 2.0 A.02
DWG input
Surfer Blanking files (.BLN) output
Added in Version 1.3 A.05

  Region filter
Added in Version 1.3
  Entity Header Option
Added in Version 1.2
 Extra output format options:
  (1) ID, X,Y(,Z)
  (2) {0,1}, X,Y(,Z) where 0 = Move, 1 = Draw
  Merge contiguous line segments

BLN, DXF, DWG, XYZ Viewer:

Download CAD Viewer 2015

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