Easy 5 steps to (batch) convert PLT to PDF or HPGL to PDF:

Step 1: Select PDF as Output Format and click ... button.

AutoCAD to PDF Converter -file selection

Step 2: Select a file to convert to PDF and then click Open button.

Select PDF as output option

Step 3: If you would like to change PDF output Settings, click PDF Settings button.

Change AutoCAD to PDF output settings

Step 4: You can easily change PDF output configurations here, such as layers support, page size, colors, embed fonts, whenever necessary. Press OK button.

Press convert button

Step 5: Press Convert button. Once the translation ends, press View Output button. Then you can see a resultant PDF file on your PDF viewer.

Press convert button

Batch Conversion: You just need to type "*"(asterisk), "."(dot) and file extension in both Input and Output. For example: *.hpgl in Input and *.pdf in Output. Then press Convert button. In case of .PLT file, type *.plt in Input.

batch conversion

OS: Windows 10/2008/2012/Citrix/Win7/win7x64/Win8/Win8x64

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Your Feature Complete Solution!

PLT / HPGL to PDF conversion

 • High quality PDF output
 • Converts all HPGL, HP-GL2 and HPGL2 files to PDF, such as converting HPGL to PDF / PLT to PDF / HPGL2 to PDF.

Batch conversion

 • Available via both within the user interface, and on the command line.
 • Supports Wild Card file naming. e.g. *.HPGL *.PDF or *.PLT *.PDF
 • Command Line mode allows automated translations. (Available in Network Licenses and 5+ user Licenses only.)

PDF output features

 • Change PDF color scheme, page size or margin.
 • Embed fonts or Convert Text with SHX font or TureType font as geometry.
 • Enable layers support (PDF Version 1.5).
 • Edit PDF title, Author, Subject and Keywords.

Other useful features

 • Select Polyline Widths
 • Select Line Weights
 • Merge duplicate overlying text
 • Select to output only the outline for color-filled or hatched area
 • Eliminate Silvers
 • Joins Arcs and Lines to Polylines
 • Support all AutoCAD formats/ versions up to AutoCAD 2019